Adding custom packages

Each package is described in a text file, which eid finds in


Note that local recipes should be added in local/project-name, eid copies the contents of the local folder into recipes/ each time it is called.

The recipe contains informaiton on how to get the sources via a tarball or git checkout. If the package is well behaved, no further information is neccesary as the default function implementations for stages of creating a package is sufficient, look at existing packages to see how things are dealt with. Packages with short recipes are candidates for good starting points for new recipes.

By adding a new file called local/foo, and running:

./eid list

Should show the new package, along with other packages, installed packages have a * before them.

./eid add foo

./eid rebuild foo

eid will install the package foo, and $ ./eid rebuild foo will rebuild it even without changes to the recipie - neccesary if it for instance the recipie hasn't changed, but is referring to a moving target like a git master.

./eid del foo

Will uninstall the package.

./eid update

Synchronize with remote repositories, fetching both recipes and logs for binary package caches for the current eid architecture.