eid the isthmus commandline interface

The shell script that does all the work of isthmus is called eid, read its sources, look at the introduction and read the sub-command reference below for more on what it can do.

eid add package(s)

adds one or more packages and requisite dependencies, downloading/updating/building them as needed.

eid del package(s)

removes files installed by package(s), but does not remove dependencies.

eid list

print a list of available packages, their short description and states symbolized by:

eid info package(s)

gets detailed information about a package

eid dep package

lists the dependencies that must be installed before the binary of this package can be installed.

eid build-dep package

list build dependencies of a package, this is the packages that must be installed on a system to be able to build this package from the recipe

eid revdep package

list all packages that directly depend on a package, these are the packages that are directly affected by an update of this recipe

eid revdep path

list all packages that provide the file path, these are the packages which contain files with the specified file or directory

eid arch new architecture

with no arguments prints the current architecture and list available, if an argument is provided changes the architecture.

eid installed

outputs a list of all installed packages on the system / chroot

eid shell

Enter a chroot inside the build-root for the current architecture. Write exit or press ctrl+d to get back to your own systems commandline. With an optional package name, download tarball - apply patches; and enter dir.

eid build recipe/package

build a specific recipe/package, the full path to the recipe is preferred (used internally by add).

eid update-server-info

Generates the state for statically sharing the top-level isthmus directory as an isthmus repository. Compacts the db as a side-effect.

eid rebuild

issue a rebuild of a package, and build it even if the recipe hasn't changed.

eid compact

removes all old binary builds and trims down the cache of recipe->binary mappings to the latest builds.

eid files package

list the files that belong to a package (the package must be installed for this to work).

eid search

search for package providing a binary, or description in package

eid update

update collection of recipes from remote servers, see eid remote for more information.

eid log package

show the build log for specified package, useful to determine why a build failed

eid generate image

generates a full root filssytem or distro image, as specified in a recipe called image-name in one of the recipe folders, if no image is specified the available images are listed.

eid make-symlinks

create symlink structure in /isthmus/symlinks to the isthmus binary for all binaries available for installation - providing on demand installation of packages.